Upcycling workshop – Croatie 2018

Upcycling workshop in Croatia

June 2018

What’s it about ?

RoUm RoUm is our very own discarded objects rescue center, where Roma and artists come together to make interior design pieces out of discarded objects. RoUm enterprise is based on learning from Roma communities which have a long tradition of reusing, rethinking and upcycling discarded objects, preserving traditional crafts and trades, showing great entrepreneurship skills and as a community reducing the amount of waste in our societies. Roma, due to their marginalisation and discrimination had to take up waste collection recycling and upcycling. In recent time as upcycling became popular, Roma were once again pushed to the margins and dont pitch any of the upcycling startups. We think there is not excuse for that, and have decided not to go along with it. We take the Roma tradition and community entrepreneurship, we apply a lot of arts, add a sprinkle of new technologies and digital communication, and voila! We bring the forgotten and discarded from the margins to the very heart of the society. We transform trash into applied art and unique pieces for interior design. Our motto is that the value of a thing increases with the number of hands that touch it. All the pieces are one of the kind and have a minimal price. We operate as a social entrepreneurship and use the funds from the sales to keep the idea and production going. We promise to never charge 9,99 but do feel free to round up!

Art Colony RoUm Rijeka – social enterprise RoUm Propuh, EUNIC, Elysées fund, Rijeka 2020, the Representation of the European Union to Croatia, the Goethe Institute and the French institute are coming together to organise an interactive, interdisciplinary, multicultural Inclusive Art Colony in Rijeka. Following the already established  and awarded artodology of the RoUm social enterprise that learns from Roma culture and tradition and work with artists in order to produce upcycled interior design pieces we will engage in eleven days of living and working, in Rijeka and with Rijeka. We will walk through the city, its shipyard, its Roma neighbourhood and collect abandoned and abused objects, as well as inspiration. We will talk, and work and exchange with citizens. We will create new shiny things in our discarded objects rescue center in the Museum of Modern Art. We will work with wood, metal, textiles and plastic in order to create tables, lamps, mirrors and other applied art pieces as well as laptop bags. We will also go digital and work with youth in order to explore and use to our advantage digital storytelling and a platform where you can see our objects, their stories and buy the former and download the latter. The art colony will last for ten days in Rijeka and Brod na Kupi and on the eleventh day we will all come together on a high level event to present, discuss and engage as well as have a small playshop making puppets from waste with kids. The project will participate in a online and offline exhibition in the autumn.

During the last day of the workshop, roma and non roma kids – part of the digital storytelling workshop – interviewed some of the roma and non roma artist.


Milan Mitrović



Nika – croatian artist






You can discover the object made during the RoUm Art Colony by Propuh social enetrepreneurship. Each one of them inspired the roma and non roma kids from the digitalstorytelling workshop to create a all new story and make you want to know more about. Hope you enjoy the journey in this incredible creation.

It’s a story about a bear, hum, no, wait!

It’s a story about Batman, his true story, hum, no wait!

It’s a story about recycling, hum no, wait!

It’s a story about, hum, wait… You must see the movie we’ve done and you will know what’s about!

We’ve work 4 day, 5 hours per day to learn what’s a story, think about what we wanted to tell and make this story. The kids have between 8 and 16 years old and have been very focus on their job, so take time to see what they have done.
To know more about this project go on : https://propuh-roum.weebly.com/about-roum-enterprise.html

This video was build, shoot and edit on less than 15 H.

Born In 1979

En cours de developpement

Produit avec LongstoryLab et K2prod
Coproducton en cours
Auteurs : Nadia Berg et Nicolas combalbert

L’écosystème – Born in 1979

  • Une BD où s’entremellent images d’archives et planche en parallax avec une navigation en scroll horyzontal. Une navigation simple mais immersive grâce à un dispositif interactif permettant à chacun de collecter les histoires du passé.
  • Une plateforme communautaire et participative avec des témoignages vidéos racontent l’impact de cette année charnière sur nos vies, une cartographie animée et interactive pédagogique, du contenu facilement partageable (Gif, Montage motion, Carto, data).
  • Des documentaires forts et esthétiques (Mecca : Dirk Van den Berg, 1979, l’année du basculement : Nadia Berg et Nicolas Combalbert)

Pour en savoir plus : contact : nadia@longstorylab.com

Télécharger le dossier de presse

Soins au coeur du conflit

Réalisé par « LongStoryLab » Nadia Berg Avec Julie Chansel – Journaliste
Une commande de Médecins du Monde France 

Médecins du Monde propose des services mobiles de santé dans les zones rurales isolées parmi les plus affectées par le conflit, avec le matériel médical et les médicaments nécessaires aux soins basiques. L’accent est mis sur la santé sexuelle et reproductive : distribution de produits contraceptifs, dépistage des MST, des cancers du col de l’utérus et du sein, suivi de grossesse ou surveillance de la malnutrition chez les femmes enceintes et allaitantes ainsi que chez les jeunes enfants. Les femmes souhaitant avorter sont conseillées et orientées, suivant le cadre légal colombien.

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